Portable Multiparameter

Precision and Practicality

Modern and robust, the Digimed multiparameters was specially developed to reconcile precision and practicality in the measures of: pH, color, turbidity, chloride, free residual chloride, iron, hardness, aluminum, free and total chlorine, chlorine dioxide, fluorine and manganese.

Convenient operation coupled with flexibility in the replacement of standards, reagents, calibration and analysis.

Questions about how our multiparameter works? Contact our speciallists or come to visit us and participate in one of our training sessions about pH, turbidity, color, conductivity and other parameters.

See all the models in the table below and click to compare or see the characteristics of the instrument.

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Description Application Standard Measurement parameter Range
Portable Multiparameter Colorimetric Meter - - - -
Portable Multiparameter Colorimetric Meter - - - -
Portable Multiparameter Colorimetric Meter - - - -
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