HP Series - Chlorine

Free and Total Chlorine

Technology innovation with colorimetric and potentiometric measurement for analysis of free chlorine and total chlorine .

The instrument analyzes, transmits and controls through online monitoring. It has sound and visual alarm, can control the automatic dosage of chlorine and more. In addition, it has one of the best technical support networks and direct factory assistance throughout Brazil for commissioning, start-up, calibrations, training and others.

Questions about how the online chlorine analyzer works? Contact our experts or come and visit us and take part in one of our chlorine training sessions.

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Description Measurement Parameter Measurement Principle Range Power supply Analog Output Discrete Output Control Action Control Action
Chlorine Analyzer / Transmitter / Controller Free / Total Chlorine Colorimetric 0 to 5 ppm or 0 to 11 ppm 90 to 240 Vac / 50 - 60 Hz (4 wires) 2 x 4 to 20 mA 2 contacts NO (1A / 250 Vac) PID Alarm / ON-OFF / PWM
Chlorine Analyzer / Transmitter / Controller Total Chlorine Potentiometric 0 to 20 ppm 90 to 240 Vac / 50 - 60 Hz (4 wires) 2 x 4 to 20 mA 2 contacs NO (1A / 250 Vac) PID Alarm / ON-OFF / PWM

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