OP Series - Opacity

Particulate Emission Monitor

To padronize the evaluation of gas effluents, EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), in 1971 approved the method 9 - Ringelman Scale.

The Opacimeter or particulate monitor is designed to comply with all the conformities of EPA- CFR, part. 60, Appendix b, Performance Specification.

Analytical Methods for monitoring of Particulated Monitor emissions:
Emission Monitor - ON-SITU
Determination of Particulated Material from Stationary Sources in Pipes and Chimneys - Isokinetic Sampling

Assuming that the measurement of opacity does not express Concentration , but only Turbidity of the gases, to establish a connection with the concentration of particulates, it becomes necessary to know:
Active Optical Step
Particle size and particle nature
Measurement range - concentration value to be monitored

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Model Features


Description Range
Opacity Monitor -

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