Reference Material of Color

Our Reference Material - RM of Color are manufactured meeting a strict quality control with raw materials and instruments tracked throughout its chain, ensuring a quality of all standards produced. The Color solution can be acquired in flasks of 250 mL with validate of 12 months. The flask with 250 mL improves the handling of the standard on the daily usage reducing the rates of waste by possible contaminations. Look the concentration and the model of the RM solution on the table below and click to check the characteristics:

Compare the Models


Description Standard Solution Volume
Standard Color Solution of 50 PtCo Color 50 PtCo 50 mL
Standard Solution of Color 100pt/Co Color 100 PtCo 50 mL
Standard Calibration kit for PtCo - Color Color Standard Solutions Kit (0 / 10 / 50 / 100 / 500 PtCo) 50 mL
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