To promote customized solutions whose application attend customer needs, to create product differentiation through technological training and the complete follow-up of the solution proposed in the areas of analytical instrumentation in liquids, environmental analysis and metrology


To be a national point of reference as suppliers of solutions for specific applications in analytics, whether in the field of environmental analysis, metrological calibration laboratories, certified reference materials, reagents for analysis or for measuring instruments.


"3D" Determination in perfecting technical and commercial improvement. Discipline in the conduct of the company's objectives. Desire to enjoy one's work, disseminating teamwork, preaching constructive and collaborative participation in favor of teamwork.

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Our organization is made of people who work with determination, dedication, discipline and with a desire to always seek for the best.

These are the principles that have driven us onwards over the years.
Our expertise is in developing and manufacturing high performance analytical instruments and qualified metrological services.
We have grown with our clients over the 40 years of our track record, becoming the largest national manufacturer in the market. Our equipment is present in different plants of industrial and laboratorial processes, adding reliability and credibility in quality control.
With each delivery, we guarantee instruments and services with excellence in quality and results, always seeking the best for our clients. Attention to each detail is just one aspect of our objectives, where we seek to understand the needs of each segment of the industry and indicate the appropriate Instrument for each application.

Our structure is made up of highly qualified doctors, engineers and technicians who pass technical solutions for laboratory, field and process plants. They guarantee the best instrument performance.

It is a part of our daily lives, the search for innovation in our instruments and services. We follow the trends of each industrial sector, with the goal of offering analytical solutions that optimize costs, streamline processes, generate productivity gains and consequently guarantee compliance with regulatory requirements. The customization of instruments according to your needs is a part of our expertise.

Relationship with Customers
Our industry is made up of people and is for people, so we seek to build a close, solid and lasting relationship. Ensuring customer satisfaction is our focus, from the first contact with the application engineering that indicates the best instrument, during technical support, and all the way to the guarantee of the high performance of the instruments through the variety of services we provide.

Training & Specializations
Here, each collaborator has a story to tell and we believe in a personal and professional evolution in each case; right from the beginning, we invest in the professional development of our team through daily training. In addition, we are specialists in providing technical training for our clients.

What we are looking for
• Client satisfaction.
• High performance.
• Performance Guarantee.
• Excellence in Quality.
• Safety in every process.
• Reliable measurements.
• Continuous growth.
• Quality technical support.
• Innovation in Industrial and Laboratory Analytical Instruments.
• Extension of our network of Metrological Laboratories.
• Investment in technical training for the team.
• Sharing technical knowledge.

We thank our clients for the partnership and trust that they have always had for our brand.