Laboratory ISO 17025 BNTL(RBLE)

Brazilian Network of Test Laboratories
Environmental Analysis - Analysis and collection
ISO 17025 BNTL(RBLE) Laboratory

The legislation strictly focuses on protecting the environment. Digimed analisis offers companies concerned with complying with current environmental standards technological support through the provision of services, consulting and environmental diagnostics with quality and rationalization of time and cost. We have an ISO 17025 reference laboratory, formed by a team of highly trained professionals and high-tech equipment.

Main Services
  • Analysis and Control Services in Water Treatment Plants
  • Characterization of Domestic and Industrial Liquid Effluents
  • Characterization of Industrial Solid Waste
  • Microbiological Analysis
  • Organic compounds
  • Certified Collection

Our goal is to align ourself with the real needs of the customer and you can always expect us to be the best in:

  • Sample collection
  • Microbiological Analysis
  • Interpretation of results
  • Technical Reports
  • Suggest procedures
Low flow well

Purge 3 volumes of the water inside the well in order to ensure that all the water that may be stagnant in the well is removed allowing the collection of a representative sample of water. This purge should be performed evenly and at flows compatible with the well's ability to replace water. The objective is that this work is carried out without causing a large reduction of the water level inside the well, avoiding the cascade effect that can occur in the filtering section in this situation and consequently the aeration of the samples and loss of volatile organic compounds. This purging should also be done in a way to avoid the creation of turbulent flow in the area of well recharge (pre-filter), avoiding the drag of sediment to its interior. That way the equipment such as bailer and foot valves should be avoided in this procedure. Since it is used with the necessary care the bailer can be used to collect samples. A different bailer should be used in every sample collection. Foot valves should not be used for sampling.

Ordinance 2914 MS

The current standard for the potability of water for human consumption is Ordinance No. 2,914, December 2011, which revoked Decree MS No. 518/2004 and provides for the standard of potability and procedures for control and monitoring of water quality for human consumption.

Legislação. Qual atender?

As leis que tratam do meio ambiente no Brasil estão entre as mais completas e avançadas do mundo. Até meados da década de 1990, a legislação cuidava separadamente dos bens ambientais de forma não relacionada. Com a aprovação da Lei de Crimes Ambientais, ou Lei da Natureza (Lei Nº 9.605 de 13 de fevereiro de 1998), a sociedade brasileira, os órgãos ambientais e o Ministério Público passaram a contar com um mecanismo para punição aos infratores do meio ambiente.