CRM Conductivity

Our Certified Reference Material - CRM of Conductivity are kept on test during three months. Period necessary to prove its Stability, homogeneity and uncertainty. Constituted by a flask with 250 ml accredited by Cgcre. The certified Reference Material meets ABNT ISO Guia 34 and ABNT NBR ISO/IEC 17025 Standard. Look the models on the table below and click to check the characteristics of the materials.

CRM of Conductivity
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Description Nominal Value Volume
Cerified Reference Material - 5 µS/cm 5 µS/cm (25 °C) 250 mL
Certified Reference Material – 25 µS/cm 25 µS/cm (25 °C) 250 mL
Certified Reference Material - 146,7 µS/cm 146.7 µS/cm (25 °C) 250 mL
Certified Reference Material - 1412µS/cm 1412 µS/cm (25 °C) 250 mL
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